Colorfly CDA M1 Portable DAC Headphone Amplifier



  • Supports 32-Bit/768kHz PCM signal decoding.
  • Native DSD512 decoding.
  • Ultra-low jitter 100M active crystal oscillator.
  • RT6863 high-performance independent Op-AMP.
  • JitterKill 2 independent clock architecture.
  • Dual Headphone output(3.5mm+4.4mm).
  • Supports both High & Low impedance modes.
  • Robust & Compact.


Colorfly CDA M1 is a High-Fidelity USB Type-C DAC/AMP equipped with the brand’s self-developed “α” DAC chipset. It provides you with high-resolution PCM and DSD audio signal decoding right from your smartphones, in short convert your simple smartphone into a high-resolution audio signal decoder with the Colorfly CDA M1. It is designed based on professional high-resolution players by Colorfly delivering the same trusted performance in a compact form factor!!

The Alpha Performer

Colorfly CDA M1 adopts their classic “α” DAC chipset that has been featured in multiple successful high-tier Music players by the brand. It is a custom audio decoding chip developed in-house with the help of ESS Sabre Technologies. It enables the CDA M1 to support high-resolution 32-Bit/768kHz PCM and native DSD512 signal decoding.

Compact Size, Powerful Performance

Colorfly CDA M1 is designed on the same architecture as that of their flagship-grade music players. It has the brand’s famous U8 architecture with a second-gen Jitter Kill 2 ultra-low jitter clock and a 100M independent crystal oscillator clock for high-quality smooth sound reproduction.

Independent Headphone Amplifier Chip

Colorfly has equipped the latest CDA M1 with RT6863, an independent op-amp chip for the amplification stage. The M1 houses two headphone output ports, one 4.4mm balanced, and another single-ended 3.5mm headphone output port. Connect your favorite earphone with your choice of termination option on the CDA M1.

Multi-Platform Connectivity

Colorfly CDA M1 can be used with multiple devices. One can pair this little beast with Windows/MAC systems, Android smartphones, iOS smartphones, and more. It doesn’t require any third-party software to run, just plug it into your smartphone/device and you are all set for high-resolution audio and media.

Dual Gain Mode Ensuring You Easy Pairing With Low as well as High Impedance Headphones

Colorfly has equipped the CDA M1 with two buttons that allow the users to choose between the high and low gain modes. This enables the users to use low and high power requiring headphones/earphones with the CDA M1.

Robust Build Quality

Colorfly is known for its exquisite and solid-built products. The CDA M1 here has a compact form factor with a robust build. It is well-built with a premium finish for an exquisite look with the device.


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