TOPPING A70 PRO Fully Balanced Desktop HiFi headphone AMP/Pre-AMP



  • “Two-Face”-Fully Balanced Headphone Amplifier/Preamplifier Application
  • The T’ang-ku-la Module for Longer Lifespan
  • Using a Re-Optimized New Circuit Architecture
  • Ground Loop Noise Disappearing Magic And Relay Volume Control
  • Incredibly Low Distortion
  • Various Functions And Remote Control

“Two-Face”-Fully Balanced Headphone Amplifier/Preamplifier Application

A70pro is one of the first desktop decoding products with a full-color screen from TOPPING, boasting several notable features. The user-friendly control panel and sleek UI offer a unique experience. It can function as either a headphone amplifier or preamplifier application, and we believe it is worth trying out one of the amplifiers from TOPPING’s launch.




The T'ang-ku-la Module for Longer Lifespan

The T’ang-ku-la Module utilizes a new three-stage feedback circuit, significantly reducing noise and high-frequency distortion, elevating the dynamic range to an unprecedented 147dB level. This new technology greatly reduces heat generation, thereby significantly enhancing reliability, extending electronic component lifespan, and reducing thermal noise.




Using a Re-Optimized New Circuit Architecture

With the newly developed ultra-low noise input stage, it further improves the noise performance of balanced input while increasing input impedance up to 20kΩ, providing better compatibility with incoming devices. The gain architecture has also been redesigned to further reduce noise and distortion at high gain states than the prior architecture.




Ground Loop Noise Disappearing Magic And Relay Volume Control

When multiple devices are used in combination, there may be ground loop noise. A70 Pro adds a GND/LIFT switch. When ground loop noise occurs, switch to LIFT, and the noise will disappear. A70 Pro has an actual noise level of <0.2uVrms @G=L and <0.8uVrms @G=H, delivering excellent performance at both high and low gain. Besides, A70 Pro uses relays and resistor networks to form an R2R volume control module, providing precise volume control, long service life, and zero deviation even at low volume.




“In Me The Tiger Sniffs The Rose”

A70 Pro possesses a 12V Trigger input and output interface that supports being triggered by other devices to switch on and off, and also for actively triggering other devices to switch on and off synchronously. At an output voltage of 50mV, the A70 Pro achieves an unparalleled dynamic range of 106.3dB, generating vanishingly low distortion with loads: 17000mW of powerful output while still maintaining low distortion.

Various Functions And Remote Control

A70 Pro has one set of balanced XLR and one set of single-ended RCA inputs, but with the Ext90 input expansion, it provides four balanced XLR and two single-ended RCA inputs in total. It drives headphones well and can serve as a preamp. A70 Pro has the same high performance in both its headphone amp mode and RCA output impedance of only 50 and an XLR output impedance of only 100, allowing it to be used with a wide range of input impedance for various power amplifiers. Additionally, a full-featured remote control interface makes operation more convenient.




Technical Specifications

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Black, Silver


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